African American Student Performance in Charters

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Charter schools are transforming the lives of African American students by helping them unlock their full academic potential, reach grade-level proficiency, and graduate high school at high rates while prepared for college. Learn more about African American student demographics and performance in charter schools, below.

Statewide, enrollment of African American charter students has increased by more than 15,000 students since 2008. In 2017, there were more than 48,000 enrolled. (Source: CCSA Fact Sheet)

  • In fact, across California, more African American students attend charter public schools than traditional public schools (TPS). See enrollment data broken down by district here. (Source: CCSA Fact Sheet)

While California's schools need to do more to help African American students reach academic proficiency, African American students at charter schools are closer to reaching grade-level proficiency than their TPS counterparts. (Source: CCSA Fact Sheet)

  • African American students attending California charter schools in seven out of eight major school districts were outperforming their TPS counterparts. (Source: CCSA Fact Sheet)
  • A greater percentage of African American students at California charter schools met/exceeded standards on the SBAC than their peers at TPS. 30% of African American students at charters in California met/exceeded standards on the SBAC, vs. 27% at TPS. (Source: CCSA Fact Sheet)

Across California, and all urban regions nationwide, African American students gain more days in reading and math at charter public schools, which contributes to strong academic results.

Academic results are particularly strong for:

Charter schools are creating a college going culture for African American students. (Source: CCSA Fact Sheet)

  • Charter schools are doing a better job preparing African American students to attend a four-year college, as they are more likely to complete all college prep courses required to attend a CSU or UC, known as A-G courses. See statewide and district A-G completion rates here. (Source: CCSA Fact Sheet)
  • In 2015-16 African American charter school students graduated at higher rates in key school districts across the state. See graduation rates by district here. (Source: CCSA Fact Sheet)
  • More African American & Latino students at charter schools applied for UCs (35%), compared than at traditional public schools (19%). (Source: CCSA Fact Sheet)
  • For those that applied, the UC Acceptance rate for African American & Latino charter school graduates (19%) is nearly 2x greater than students at TPS (11%). (Source: CCSA Fact Sheet)


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