Starting a Charter School


The charter school movement needs motivated and visionary leaders to drive positive change in education for the next generation of students.

Will your team be the next group to open an innovative school program?

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The Basics & FAQ

Charter schools are public schools of choice that are tuition-free and open to all. They are growing rapidly in response to demand from families. Read more.


The school development process can be broken into four phases. Although they are presented in linear order, teams might be working on steps in multiple phases at the same time. Read more.

Building the Foundation

In this phase, teams develop their mission and vision, build a team of strong leaders with diverse skill sets, learn about important requirements, and develop their timeline. Read more.

Petition, Budget & School Design

In this phase, teams focus on writing and revising their petition and building a relationship with the authorizer. This phase culminates with the submission of the petition. Read more.


In this phase, the team focuses on securing the approval of their petition through outreach to the community and board members, and if necessary, appeals. This phase culminates with getting authorized. Read more.


In this phase, the team focuses on getting ready to open. This includes enrollment, preparing facilities, meeting compliance requirements, hiring staff, and beginning to implement the plan for the school.Read more.