Contra Costa County

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Contra Costa County is located on the eastern edge of San Francisco Bay and is home to 14 charter public schools, serving 5,787 students. Eleven charters are located in West Contra Costa County Unified School District (WCCUSD).

With a graduation rate of 92%, Leadership Public Schools is exemplary and where students are nearly twice as likely to be ready for college than district students, based on their A-G completion rate of 88% versus 48% for district schools. (In CA, students must take and pass a series of A-G courses to be eligible to enter a four-year California public college.)

Charters in West Contra Costa rank, on average, in the 56th percentile on SBAC scores statewide, compared to 35th percentile for traditional schools in WCCUSD. (Smarter Balanced Scale Score for English language arts/literacy and mathematics, by content area, grade level, and achievement level.)

Caliber: Beta Academy
In August 2014, Caliber: Beta Academy opened its doors in Richmond, CA to over 300 students. This new school model provides students with a challenging, engaging and personalized education that equips them with the knowledge, character and skills they need to succeed in competitive colleges, careers and communities. Using a blended learning model, Caliber students learn core math and ELA content through a combination of whole group, small group, one-on-one and customized independent learning. Each student develops a personalized learning plan (PLP) that guides instruction and allows students to take ownership of their learning. In addition, all Caliber students study computer programming starting kindergarten with a focus on logic and rule-based thinking. As students progress, they write computer code, make their own apps and programs and participate in individual and group design projects.

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