CCSA Answers: Preparing for and Responding to a Crisis

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November 21, 2018 Question: How can the charter school community prepare for and respond to a crisis like the wildfires currently burning across the state?

Answer: In response to the many questions from charter school leaders and parents across the state about how to prepare for and respond to a crisis such as a wildfire or school shooting, CCSA has developed this Crisis Response Resource for Charter Schools web page: /2018/02/crisis-response-resources.html

This web page includes operational, Federal, county, and state resources as well as links to sample documents which schools may find useful.

At the request of charter school leaders in the area, CCSA has also set up a Relief Fund for the Charter Schools of Paradise and Butte County. 100% of funding provided to the relief fund will be directed to charter schools in the area. We encourage all in the charter school community to contribute whatever you can, and thank the many support organizations and key partners that are already making great efforts for the schools of Paradise and Butte. Donate here.