CCSA Answers: Differences for Charter Public Schools When Completing the California Dashboard Local Indicators

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October 5, 2018 QUESTION: What are the differences for charter public schools when completing the California Dashboard Local Indicators?

ANSWER: Charter public schools must complete local indicators just like traditional public schools. If they do not complete the self-reflection tool and finalize their submission by November 16, 2018, they will default to "Not Met." However, a local indicator does not apply to a charter public school if it was not addressed in the school's petition. Charter public schools can address non-applicable local indicators as follows:

  • In the narrative box included within the non-applicable self-reflection tool, provide a brief explanation for why the local indicator does not apply to the charter school, based on the underlying charter petition.
  • Select the "Met" option for the local indicator.
  • Select Submit.

Completing this process will ensure that a charter public school is not reported as "Not Met" on the California Dashboard. If a charter public school does not complete a local indicator prior to the November 16, 2018 deadline, it will automatically be reported as "Not Met" even if the indicator does not apply based on the underlying charter petition.