Road Map for Special Education: A Few Reminders to Start the Year off Right

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September 7, 2018 Making sure everything is in place for special education can be overwhelming. Direct-Ed has provided a simple checklist to make sure you cover the basics and students' program and services are compliant.

Administration and Oversight: 

  • Sufficient budget to meet students' needs (all funding sources identified with restrictions) 
  • SELPA/authorizer staff contact information on file (with dates for site reviews) 
  • Programs and services are in compliance with student IEPs and align to Charter Petition 
  • Mandated postings and information are available to parents 
  • Differentiated professional development plan 
  • Teacher collaboration time 
  • Materials are appropriate for various student levels 
  • Administrative coverage for IEPs 
  • Culture of inclusion and support for all students

Compliance and Services: 

  • IEPs and CUM files secured 
  • Related service providers assigned 
  • Ensure FAPE - hold 30 day/Interim Service IEPs as needed 
  • Service delivery schedules developed 
  • Distribute applicable information to providers and teachers 
  • IEP master calendar created 
  • Timely processes are in place for referrals and responding to parents 
  • Safety and health plans are implemented

To receive the full checklist or additional guidance, please email us at You can also visit for more information about our services.