Fall Data Survey: Check your inbox

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August 21, 2018 On Monday, August 27 all member schools will receive an important survey from Jed Wallace asking you for your school's enrollment and the number of students and your wait list. Last year there were 27 questions in our fall survey. This year there are just three questions.

CCSA needs to have to up to date enrollment and wait list data for all of our schools. This basic data is a major help to our advocacy and communications efforts. Please help us promote and defend the sector and fill out this survey by the deadline: Friday, September 7.

Our new schools will receive a slightly longer survey in order to onboard into our system.

Everyone who completes this survey by the deadline (Friday, Sept 7) will get the chance to win a free full registration to the 26th Annual California Charter Schools Conference in Sacramento (March 10-14, 2019) Three winners will be chosen.