The California Science Test (CAST) Field Test Now Open!

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April 10, 2018 The California Science Test (CAST) field test is now available to all local educational agencies (LEAs), including charter public schools, whose selected testing window is open. Consisting of a series of stand-alone items and two to three performance tasks, the field test should take about two hours to administer. It will be administered to students in grades five and eight and once to students in high school. For high school, keep in mind that:

  • All eligible grade twelve students must be administered the test.
  • LEAs can elect to administer the test to any or all students in grade ten or eleven. For grade ten or eleven students, it is recommended that LEAs select those who are enrolled in their last science course.
  • High school students will have only one opportunity to take the CAST. For example, if an LEA assigns the CAST field test to a grade ten student this year and the student attempts to take the test in future years, the student will not be able to take the test again.

Resources are available here to help LEAs prepare for the field test administration.