Discover Charter Schools Campaign Launches

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April 16, 2018 As a part of a multi-pronged communications approach, CCSA launched the Discover Charter Schools campaign this month. The campaign seeks to address the awareness gap about charter schools and establish a recognizable brand for charter public schools in California. Our goal is to create a base of informed adults with positive feelings about charter schools who we can target in the future for various advocacy-related efforts, including enrollment and civic engagement activities. Of note, this effort is running in tandem with other core communications initiatives including correcting the record, executing rapid response to criticism and crisis moments, and moving influencers to support our schools.

The objectives of our pro-charter communications campaign are to:

  • Bring to life a credible pro-charter school narrative and create an emotional, positive, and compelling brand for charter schools in California;
  • Leverage the new branding to reach unaware, but persuadable, audiences in order to create a new base of adults who will respond positively to charter school messages;
  • Target additional core constituencies (including communities of color, Spanish and Vietnamese language communities) as key demographics of our persuadable audiences. Awareness efforts in these communities are a critical component of our overall strategy;
  • Demonstrate it is possible to turn California pro-charter by targeting persuadable audiences in areas that mirror identified persuadable audiences across the state.

Creative Direction, Phase 1, Discover Charter Schools (April 2018)

  • Changing Education for the Better: The audience we want to move thinks our public education system is outdated, broken and held back by bureaucratic red tape. They are unaware of charter schools. That's why, for this campaign, we will educate this audience about the many ways charter schools are changing education for the better, and show that public education is actually thriving thanks to charter schools.
  • Videos: 15 and 30-second videos, No bureaucracy, Jobs of the Future
  • Digital Ads: Ads Sample (Please note that there are more sizes than just those shown in the digital ads sample. These ads will run as Facebook, Instagram, and website display ad so each set has about 12 permutations)