Reminder: CAST Testing Date

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December 11, 2017 The California Science Test (CAST) field test will be available on April 2, 2018. The approximate testing time for the entire test is two hours. All eligible students in grades five, eight, and twelve should be administered the CAST field test. LEAs may elect to assign students in grades ten and eleven who are enrolled in their last science course to take the CAST. This is done through the test assignments function in the Test Operations Management Systems (TOMS). The California Alternate Assessment (CAA) for Science may also be assigned at the same time. The CAST training test for grades five and eight and high school will be made available on March 5, 2018, on the CAASPP Portal Web site at The training test will consist of both discrete items and performance tasks and include all accessibility resources that will be available on the field test.

CAA for Science Reminders

The CAA for Science embedded performance tasks are located under the "Help" tab in TOMS and are secure materials. This test is administered one-on-one and can be administered only by a certified test examiner. To qualify as a certified test examiner, one must view the "CAA Test Examiner Tutorial," on the Educational Testing Service Web site at, and answer all questions throughout the tutorial correctly.

Before administering the embedded performance tasks, test examiners for the CAA for Science are strongly encouraged to view the 12-minute video "How to Administer the CAA for Science," which provides an overview of the test administration for the year-two pilot of the CAA for Science. The video is available on the CAASPP Portal Web site at