Submission Deadline Extended for Part 2 of Dashboard Alternative School Status Application

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October 9, 2017 On Thursday, October 5, 2017, the CDE emailed all dashboard and Dashboard Alternative School (DASS) coordinators information regarding the submission of part two of the DASS application. Part 1 was due on October 6, 2017.

In August 2017, DASS was announced as the replacement for ASAM and schools would need to reapply for status in two parts. Part 2 of the DASS application has been extended to December 1, 2017. Approval of your school's DASS application is contingent upon submission of Part 2, which must include:

  1. Certification Form (signed by school principal, county or district superintendent or charter school administrator, and board president)
  2. Board Meeting Agenda and Minutes that documents the approval of the DASS eligibility certification. This new deadline only applies to Part 2 of the application.

Final approval of DASS Participation is contingent upon completion of Part 2.

Any schools that submit of Part 1 but fail to submit Part 2 of the DASS Application, may result in removal of the school from DASS for the Fall 2018 Dashboard release. Schools that are removed from DASS Participation because of this may further be disqualified from applying for DASS for the next three Dashboard cycles, pending action by the State Board of Education (SBE). Information about the DASS is available here.