CCSA Answers: Keeping an Original Conversion Charter School Site Under Proposition 39

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October 29, 2017 Question: Can a conversion charter keep its original school site under Proposition 39?

Answer: If conversion charters meet the Proposition 39 deadlines and other requirements, they should retain their original school sites. (See Prop. 39 Implementing Regulation, § 11969.3(d) & Cal. Education Code § 47614(b).) However, conversion charters must re-apply for their facilities through the Prop 39 process which begins on November 1 each year, unless a multi-year facilities use agreement is agreed to by the district. Furthermore, conversion charters will not automatically be granted the exclusive use of their sites year after year. Yearly Prop 39 facilities requests submitted by schools will include enrollment and attendance estimates, and if these figures do not reach the levels required to support the exclusive use of an entire facility, the district may elect to make a portion of a site available for use by another school.

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