State Legislature Acts on Several Bills by Deadline

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June 2, 2017 This week, the state Legislature reaches its deadline to pass bills out of their house of origin. Hundreds of bills have been voted on in both the Assembly and Senate, including a number of bills of interest to charter schools.

CCSA-Opposed AB 1478 Stalls Due to Lack of Support

AB 1478 (Jones-Sawyer) stalled in the California Assembly when the bill was placed on the inactive file for consideration next year. Assemblymember Jones-Sawyer pulled the bill at the request of its sponsor, the California Teachers Association (CTA), when it became clear the bill lacked the votes to pass the Assembly floor. CCSA opposes AB 1478 because it would impose undue financial hardship on charter public schools and result in criminal penalties and prosecution of dedicated volunteer charter school board members. AB 1478 would also apply the Brown Act, Public Records Act, Political Reform Act, and Government Code 1090 to charter schools.

CCSA actively worked with several legislators to prevent AB 1478 from moving forward. Thank you for testifying, submitting letters and making phone calls in opposition to the bill!

CCSA-Sponsored SB 765 Passes Senate Floor with Wide Margin of Support

SB 765 (Weiner), CCSA's sponsored bill to increase charter school access to district surplus property, passed the Senate and moves to the Assembly despite significant opposition from the California School Boards Association and the California Teachers Association. Thanks to Senator Weiner for his leadership on this bill, and to all our members and local school board members for your calls and letters!

AB 1360 Sails Through Assembly Floor with Large Bipartisan Majority After CCSA Adds on Support

AB 1360 (Bonta) passed the Assembly and moves to the Senate. As we reported last week, CCSA moved to a support position on the bill after significant negotiations with the author and the bill's sponsor. The bill clarifies due process procedures for charter school student expulsions and dismissals, strengthens access for pupils in charter admissions procedures, and clarifies allowable enrollment preferences for siblings, and students of staff and school founders.

Legislative action on other bills of interest:

AB 406 (McCarty) which would limit charter school operations by for profit entities, passed the Assembly and moves to the Senate. While we generally support the bill's intent, we oppose the bill as currently drafted. However, the author has stated his intent to work with us on possible revisions to address our concerns.

AB 1661 (Limon) was moved to the inactive file for consideration next year. CCSA opposes this measure unless amended because it imposes significant and unworkable new renewal standards on charter schools. The author has expressed her commitment to work with us through the fall for a more workable proposal.