CCSA Answers: Length of time for keeping independent study assignments and work records

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May 1, 2017 Question: What is the required length of time for keeping students' completed independent study assignments and work records?

Answer: According to Chapter 8, Section 8 of the Independent Study Operations Manual, "The teacher's record also should be a record of academic credit that the student has earned and show a grade or pass/fail rating. The record is to be kept for a minimum of three years." A best practice is to store a student's work in the same folder with the completed master agreement to make the accumulation of audit materials easier. Charter schools should also review their specific requirements with their auditor in advance so that expectations are known by both parties in advance of the audit process.

Reference the Independent Study Operations Manual here.

For more information regarding charter school audits, please reference 2016--17 Guide for Annual Audits of K-12 Local Education Agencies and State Compliance Reporting.