Prop. 51 Charter School Facilities Program Funding: Application Details

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March 27, 2017 With the passage of Prop. 51 by California voters last November, $500 million in funding is now available for charter school projects under the Charter School Facilities Program. The deadline for applications is June 5, 2017. Charter schools must also notify their school district at least 30 days before submitting an application to the Office of Public School Construction.

Is your school planning on submitting an application? If so, please contact us at and let us know that you intend to apply. CCSA will be working with charter leaders to notify school districts in advance, so that they anticipate receiving charter school application notices and make plans to place them on board agendas for approval.

To find additional information regarding the Charter School Facilities Program, the application process, and other resources that are available to charter school applicants, please visit the following website:

If you have any questions regarding the Charter School Facilities Program please contact