CCSA Answers: AB 528 Continuation Coverage and Charter Schools

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March 31, 2017 Question: Does AB 528 continuation coverage, as codified in Education Code, Section 7000, apply to charter schools?

Answer: No. Education Code, Section 7000, in which AB 528 is codified, does not apply to charter schools due to our Megawaiver exemption. AB 528 requires California county offices of education, traditional public school districts, and community college districts to allow certificated employees who lose their eligibility to continue their health care coverage upon retirement to enroll in health and welfare benefit plans or dental care benefit plans currently provided for its current certificated employees. Any former certificated employee who retired from a California school or Community College District under any public retirement system, and his or her spouse, or any surviving spouse of a former certificated employee, may continue his or her health care benefits by paying the full premiums. However, this requirement does not apply to charter schools. Read Education Code, Section 7000, here.