Prop 39 Applicants: Reminder to Respond to the District's Preliminary Offer by March 1

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February 21, 2017 On February 1, districts were required to make a preliminary offer of facilities to each eligible charter school. Have you received your preliminary offer?

If YES -

Under Prop. 39 regulations, a charter school must respond to the district's preliminary offer by March 1, expressing any concerns, addressing differences between the preliminary offer and the charter school's request, and presenting any counter-offer. CCSA has prepared a template letter for members to use in responding to a district's preliminary offer. The template is available here.

If NO -

You should request a preliminary offer of facilities right away. CCSA recommends that you do so using the template available here. We recommend that you work with your legal counsel in drafting your response to your district. If your school is not yet participating in CCSA's Prop 39 Pro Bono Review Program, please contact us at to learn more about this program.