Prop. 39 Applicants: Respond to School District ADA Projection Letters by January 2, 2017

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December 9, 2016 On or before December 1, school districts were required to respond to charter school Prop. 39 average daily attendance (ADA) projections included in Prop 39 requests that were due on or before November 1. Has your district responded to your ADA projections?

1. Don't forget to respond to district objections to ADA projections contained in your charter school Prop. 39 facilities requests by January 2, 2017.

2. Charter schools can respond to any objections by utilizing templates prepared by CCSA, either reaffirming or modifying the charter school's previous projections as necessary. Templates are available on our website, here.

CAUTION: If your school fails to respond to the district by January 2, 2017, then the district's ADA projections provided in its December 1 letter are no longer subject to challenge. CCSA recommends exercising caution and learning about when your district closes for the holidays and submit responses prior to any closure.

If NO: Your ADA projections are no longer subject to challenge, and the district's facilities offer must be based on your ADA projections.

Please note: Even if your district accepted your ADA projections, we still recommend responding to the district's December 1 letter. CCSA suggests using your response as an opportunity to confirm that the district's facilities offer will be based on your ADA projections. CCSA also provides a template for this correspondence on our website here.