CCSA Answers: Parental Notification for Pest Control

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December 5, 2016 Question: We have a pest control company scheduled to fumigate our charter school and are wondering about requirements for parent notification.

Answer: The Healthy Schools Act requires each school's Integrated Pest Management (IPM) coordinator to annually notify parents of all pesticide products expected to be applied during the school year. These notifications must identify the active ingredient or ingredients in each product, as well as the product name itself. If a school site plans to use a product that was not listed in the annual notification, the school designee must notify all parents at least 72 hours before application. Certain pesticides are exempt from posting, notification, or recordkeeping under the law and include:

  • Self-contained baits and traps
  • Gels or pastes used for crack-and-crevice treatments
  • Antimicrobials
  • Products listed as minimum-risk pesticides by the U.S. EPA

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