Download Your School's New 2016-17 Academic Accountability Reports

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November 10, 2016 Accountability is a key ingredient in the success of California's charter schools. In the current rapidly changing state and federal accountability landscape where the criteria assessing school performance is in transition, we know student learning remains the most important factor during charter renewal, and for parents and families deciding on the school that best meets the needs of their child.

To help schools and the public contextualize their performance, CCSA publishes individual school Academic Accountability Reports that show the results of every charter public school and traditional district school based on CCSA's Accountability Framework. Report cards are available for all schools regardless of how they perform based on CCSA's Minimum Academic Accountability Criteria. (Note that CCSA's Minimum Academic Accountability Criteria do not apply if a school is: Alternative Schools Accountability Model (ASAM), Alternative, less than four years old, or has less than 30 valid test takers.)

Download your school's 2016-17 Academic Accountability Reports now at

Additional snapshot reports are also available to help show your school's performance and compare to other nearby schools or your district:

  • The Regional Snapshot summarizes and compares charter performance by regions like county or district.
  • The SBAC Snapshot provides summary data of a school's performance on the 2016 SBAC, including CCSA's Average Point Difference (APD) measure, SBAC scale scores, subgroup APD, and performance levels.
  • Also updated are the CCSA Families Snapshot, the Mapshot, and the Similar Students Measure Map.

Look for more updates in the coming months, including 2017 new school updates, updated 2016 SBAC data, and more new Snapshot reports.

For more information on CCSA's accountability efforts, including other school supports available for members, visit