Historic Day for Charters in Butte County SELPA

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September 23, 2016 On Wednesday, Sept. 14, four charter schools within the Butte County Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) officially formed a "Charter Voting Region" after a unanimous vote by the governing body of the Butte County SELPA. This tremendous accomplishment means that Chico Country Day School, CORE Butte High School, Nord Country School and Sherwood Montessori will now have a voice and an impact on the governance of their SELPA.

For more than two years, Casey Taylor, principal and superintendent of Achieve Charter School, and leaders from the four charter schools have been working with local SELPA members to build coalitions between charter schools and traditional schools. These coalitions were designed to foster support for local charters to have fair representation in the Butte County SELPA and to have a Charter Voting Region established.

"This huge achievement sets the stage for other charters to join the SELPA and our students to have an equal voice," said Taylor.

CCSA is thankful for the partners and supporters who helped make this feat possible. CCSA applauds the hard work of the Butte County charter schools, Roy Applegate, Ed.D., director of the Butte County SELPA, Laura Kerr, managing regional director of Northeast and Central Valley for CCSA, and Gina Plate, senior advisor of special education for CCSA.