CCSA Answers: What Materials May a Charter School Legally Purchase with Proposition 20 Lottery Funding?

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April 23, 2016 Question: As a charter school, we do not utilize the state-adopted ELA textbooks. We develop much of our own curriculum with use of core novels, expository text, etc. What materials may we legally purchase with our Proposition 20 lottery funding?

Answer: Proposition 20 states that the funds are "for the purchase of instructional materials" and does not define instructional materials any further. Education Code Section 60010(h) states that "Instructional materials" means "all materials that are designed for use by pupils and their teachers as a learning resource and help pupils to acquire facts, skills, or opinions or to develop cognitive processes. Instructional materials may be printed or nonprinted, and may include textbooks, technology-based materials, other educational materials, and tests." Proposition 20 funding can be used for the purchase of software and other educational materials.

Read Proposition 20 here.

Read Education Code Section 60010(h) here