New Technology Accessibility Resources on CCSA's Website

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March 4, 2016 Last Fall CCSA hosted a popular webinar on Education Technology Accessibility where two prominent disability rights and civil rights advocates explained the existing laws, recent court cases, and technological barriers many individuals with disabilities face online and with regard to electronic resources.

As technology becomes increasingly common in our schools, CCSA urges charter schools to consider the technological aspects of your program from the viewpoint of a person with disabilities. Beginning at the homepage of your website, to any online forms parents and students fill out, online courses you offer, documents or web links you have online, and any third-party content provider or services you use, all of these aspects of your school's program must be accessible to individuals with disabilities to ensure that all individuals have access and can benefit from the promise that charter schools offer.

CCSA is excited to announce two new resource pages on the website that can help charter schools navigate technology accessibility concerns:

First, members can access a recording of our Technology Accessibility webinar, a transcript of the webinar, and copy of the power point slides.

Additionally, CCSA has created a page with Technology Accessibility Tips.

For questions regarding these resources please contact Brigette Dutra at