Charter Operators Invited to Apply for RFP at L.A. School

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February 16, 2016 The 20th Street Parents Union is launching their RFP process to solicit and select a new school operator for their school, 20th Street Elementary in LAUSD. Parents have submitted petitions using California's Parent Empowerment law representing 58% of the students who attend their low-performing school. This empowers them to select a charter school operator to transform educational opportunities in their community. The full RFP is attached or can be found at this link: The proposal is due in two stages - a brief initial narrative is due on Feb 26, with a full charter petition needed by March 11th. The rapid timeline is needed in order to make a full transformation for the 2016-17 school year possible.

Parents are eager to engage with high performing charter operators who may be interested in applying to transform their school.

Please reach out to the Parents Union with any questions via their email address,

You can read more background on their campaign here or here.