CCSA Answers: Instructional Minute Requirements for Charter Schools

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September 6, 2015

Question: How long does a student need to be on campus for a charter school to count them for the purposes of ADA?

Answer: There is no definition of an instructional minute for charter schools. Any instructional minute counts toward full ADA. Charter schools must, however, meet the same number of instructional minutes per school year as traditional public schools. The number of instructional minutes required varies by grade level. Charter schools must also offer at least a minimum of 175 instructional days to receive full funding.

The total number of required instructional minutes per grade level is as follows, as per Education Code 46207:

Kindergarten: 36,000 minutes Grades 1-3: 50,400 minutes Grades 4-8: 54,000 minutes Grades 9-12: 64,800 minutes

A charter school is required to meet the grade level instructional minutes requirements mandated in Education Code 46207, but how you choose to structure the days and times of instruction is up to you, as long as you meet the minimums.

Reference Education Code 46207 here.