2016 CCSA Conference: What makes a great presentation proposal? Submit by 10/9.

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September 18, 2015

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The year's theme for the 23rd Annual CCSA Conference taking place March 14-17, 2016 in Long Beach, CA is March to One Million, and highlights CCSA's mission and vision to have one million students attending charter schools in California by 2022.

Submit a proposal today, share your expertise and be a part of the momentum! Learn more about what CCSA is looking for in 2016, review the tips below and then follow the links to submit by October 9!

What type of programming are attendees looking for?

Attendees of the CCSA Conference are looking for interactive sessions in which they are active contributors to the conversation. Attendees want to understand how the content you are presenting is relevant to the work they are engaged in every day and they want takeaways they can apply when they return to their school. Here are three tips to keep in mind while developing your presentation proposal:

  1. Include at least two interactive facilitation techniques. According to 2015 evaluation data, attendees were more likely to give a session a higher overall rating if the presentation offered a high level of audience participation.
  2. Feature school leaders, teachers, parents and community members as presenters. Share real life stories of engagement in the charter movement by co-presenting with school leaders, teachers, CCSA staff, and/or exhibitors/vendors you are working with.
  3. Offer clear takeaways. Offer practical models, techniques and materials that are easily adaptable and can be implemented. Presentations that offered applicable skills were rated much higher overall by conference attendees in 2015.

Before submitting a proposal, please review all of the 2016 CCSA Call for Proposals Guidelines. Then submit your proposals by midnight (PST) on Friday, October 9, 2015.

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