LCFF Calculator and CALPADS / Data Management Workshop coming soon!

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August 16, 2015 Got questions about the Local Control Funding Formula and CALPADS? Look no further than CCSA's LCFF Calculator and CALPADS / Data Management Workshop, offered in cooperation with the Fiscal Crisis & Management Assistance Team (FCMAT).This in-person workshop, offered in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Diego, will 1) give users an overview of the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), the LCFF Calculator, and the methodology for completing LCFF calculations for charter schools and 2) provide participants with an overview of the statewide education data, assessment and accountability systems, and introduce some of the best practices for data management.

The morning session will cover:

  • How to navigate within the calculator and prepare estimated LCFF Phase-In Entitlements for existing and new charter schools
  • Various factors that will affect revenue estimates
  • Various components of the LCFF Target and LCFF Phase-In Entitlement
  • Calculating the Minimum Proportionality Percentage (MPP) for use in the LCAP
  • Understanding the results of calculations and how to use tools provided in the calculator for communicating to stakeholders
  • Demonstration working with the calculator to complete charter school calculations
  • Graphics and explanations to help simplify and communicate the LCFF funding concepts and solutions

The afternoon session will cover:

  • CALPADS submission and certification processing
  • Components of required state and federal reporting
  • Data used for funding and accountability measures
  • State assessment programs and accountability systems
  • Reporting options for charter schools
  • Organizational factors for good data management
  • Common problems in data collection and reporting

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