New 2015-16 Leadership Development Opportunities Available

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August 10, 2015 Last year, CCSA hosted an exciting opportunity for charter school leaders to take part in an ongoing learning community with other charter leaders in their area to support leaders as they transition their schools to the Common Core.

Thanks to the great success of two networks in Los Angeles and one in San Diego, School Leaders Network (SLN) will continue a network in Los Angeles and San Diego and will additionally open an opportunity for leaders in the San Bernardino and Central Valley regions for the 2015-16 school year.

Read more about this opportunity in the Leadership Development Opportunity Aligned to Common Core overview.

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School Leaders Network in a nutshell:

  • What is it? School Leaders Network is a national professional development non-profit that believes that outcomes for students and school communities are impacted by instructional leaders that are the lead learner in their school community and take actionable and measurable steps to achieve higher outcomes for students.

  • Cost? Participation in School Leader Networks has a tuition cost of $3,000 per leader. Leaders that would like to participate that do not have the funds are still encouraged to apply as both CCSA and SLN are looking for grant funds to off-set total costs. Costs include highly vetted CCSS and leadership resources, 40 hours of ongoing access to fellow charter leaders also engaged in change leadership, highly effective facilitation, and dinners once a month.

  • When? The leaders within the network will determine the best times and dates for the professional learning networks and network launch institute. Once enough applications are received, the facilitator from SLN will reach out to applicant schools to define the most appropriate time and location.

  • Who should apply? At a minimum, the person who is responsible for the instructional program at your school. This may be the principal, director, executive leader, superintendent or other lead instructional leader at your charter that has the ability to set instructional goals and ability to follow through with the school community.


Contact SLN's Janette Tovar at or visit their website Or contact Allison Kenda at CCSA at

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