Update: CCSA v. LAUSD (Prop. 39)

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June 26, 2015 In follow up to the Supreme Court's recent decision that LAUSD has been violating Prop. 39 law, the Trial Court entered an order agreed to by LAUSD that will enable CCSA to closely monitor LAUSD's Prop. 39 compliance through the 2016-17 Prop. 39 cycle. The order also outlines a procedure for CCSA to challenge LAUSD's compliance in court, if necessary.

CCSA expects that 2016-17 Prop. 39 applicants should see an increase in the number of classrooms they are offered by LAUSD in 2016-17. In addition, schools that seek facilities from other school districts that have also been unlawfully using loading ratios to allocate classrooms may also see an increase. CCSA will continue to update members on the case.

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