Send Letters TODAY To Oppose SB 705 (Hill) and AB 709 (Gipson)

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June 11, 2015 Several bills that CCSA opposes have been set for hearing and we need your help in stopping the legislation!

SB 705 (Hill) related to Proposition 39: notification, will be heard Wednesday, June 17 in the Assembly Education Committee. This bill would require a school district to notify an impacted traditional public school and parents at the school if the school may be allocated to a charter public school in order to comply with Proposition 39. CCSA is very concerned that SB 705 will cause additional tension in communities and will make it more difficult for charter schools to secure Proposition 39 locations.

Please send a letter TODAY and help us stop SB 705.

AB 709 (Gipson) charter schools: conflict of interest is another bill that CCSA strongly opposes and that will be heard in the Senate Education Committee in the next several weeks. While CCSA supports several elements in the bill including charter schools being subject to the Brown Act, Public Records Act and Political Reform Act, we strongly oppose charter schools being subject to Government Code 1090. This provision would severely restrict charter schools' financial tools and flexibility and would subject charter school board members to criminal penalties.

Send your letter TODAY to oppose AB 709 and stop this harmful legislation.