CCSA Answers: Possession of Permanent Cumulative Folders

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April 4, 2015

Question: Can a student leaving a charter school to be privately home schooled take their original cumulative folder with them, or should the charter school make a copy and keep the original until another public school requests it?

Answer: Education Code 49068 provides the option for traditional public schools of giving the permanent record, or a copy of the record, to another school or district. Education Code 49068 reads as follows, "Whenever a pupil transfers from one school district to another or to a private school, or transfers from a private school to a school district within the state, the pupil's permanent record or a copy thereof shall be transferred by the former district or private school upon a request from the district or private school where the pupil intends to enroll. Any school district requesting such a transfer of a record shall notify the parent of his right to receive a copy of the record and a right to a hearing to challenge the content of the record. The State Board of Education is hereby authorized to adopt rules and regulations concerning the transfer of records."

It is important to note that while this section of the Education Code only applies to traditional public schools, it is a reasonable policy for charter schools to adopt. A suggestion would be for the charter school to give the parents a copy of the cumulative folder, but to also advise them that the school has a permanent record should the need for it ever arise in the future.

Reference Education Code 49068 here.