Attend Advocacy Day May 5: Demonstrate the Collective Strength of the Charter School Movement

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April 12, 2015 Dear Charter Colleagues,

Each May, hundreds of California charter public school leaders, board members, parents and students have the opportunity to join together to celebrate National Charter Schools Week with Advocacy Day in Sacramento. This year Advocacy Day will be on May 5. This event is our opportunity to meet with elected officials, share our student and school success stories, discuss the positive impact our charter schools are having on student achievement, and talk with legislators about how legislative policy will impact future success of the charter school movement.

As a charter school board member and long-time education advocate, I believe that it is critical for legislators to see a strong charter school presence in Sacramento. After all, Sacramento is where budgetary, legislative, and regulatory decisions are made that directly impact our schools each and every day.

The California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) will help to ensure you feel prepared and confident as charter advocates by offering training and materials, including information on critical legislation affecting charter schools and tools for effective meetings with legislators and their staff.

We have much to celebrate with the incredible momentum in the California charter school movement that has grown to 1,184 charter schools serving over 547,800 students. I look forward to celebrating this tremendous accomplishment with you at Advocacy Day 2015 on May 5, as we work together to achieve even greater success for the students we serve.

Please be sure to register for Advocacy Day by April 17. Let's make our voices heard.


Howard Chan
Vice President, Board of Directors
Westlake Charter Schools
Sacramento, CA