CCSA Answers: Why is this Round of Funding the Best Opportunity to Maximize E-Rate Benefits for Charter Schools?

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February 6, 2015

Question: How much money is in this E-Rate pot? How likely is it that my Charter will get some of the funding?

Answer: Funded by the Universal Service Charge found at the bottom of all phone bills, and by service provider surcharges, the FCC has allocated $2.25B for its Schools and Libraries Division (SLD) of the E-Rate program each year for the past 17 years. In 2011, the FCC allowed that $2.25B to be adjusted for inflation annually. However, in a startling development in late-2014, the FCC announced that it had earmarked an additional $1B for Funding Year 2015 and Funding Year 2016 to kick-start the adoption of infrastructure projects and purchase the necessary equipment to deliver wireless broadband Internet access to as many classrooms as possible nationwide.

In short, your Charter will qualify for E-Rate funding at some level, and these additional funds mean that 2015 and 2016 represent your best opportunity to maximize E-Rate benefits for your organization.