CCSA Answers: Why is this Round of Funding the Best Opportunity to Maximize E-Rate Benefits for Charter Schools?

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February 21, 2015

Question: One of our students is planning to spend her spring semester of 10th grade enrolled in a semester abroad program. Would this student need to de-enroll with our charter school, enroll in the new program for the semester, then apply for admission to our school again upon her return?

Answer: No, unless, of course, your charter school policy states something different. Once a student is accepted into your charter school there is no need to go through the admission and lottery process again, and enrollment and de-enrollment. Many students leave for a semester abroad or a similar program. During the time that a student is away, your charter school cannot claim ADA for her. You can temporarily categorize her as "leave" status (some Student Information System programs call this an "inactive" status), then re-categorize her to "active" status upon her return. You should check your attendance software to ensure that the student's leave doesn't create a negative impact on your charter school's attendance averaging.