Career Pathways Trust Applicants: Learn More about Including LaunchPath in your Application

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January 9, 2015 If you are already planning to submit a California Career Pathways Trust (CCPT) Implementation Grant this February, the Linked Learning Alliance and Foundation for Community Colleges are interested in supporting your efforts through LaunchPath.

LaunchPath--a joint effort between the Foundation and the Linked Learning Alliance--is a web-based platform that matches students with employers and streamlines the process of managing student placements. LaunchPath was designed to support the work-based learning component of pathways education and Career Technical Education, and is now being introduced to charter schools, high schools, districts, colleges, and business leaders in regions across California.

LaunchPath can help your charter school by:

  • Generating and collecting data. LaunchPath simplifies the process of managing student details, allowing you to easily view all placements and history for your students and create reports.
  • Matching students with the right experiences. LaunchPath uses a customized algorithm to match a student's skills and interests with each employer's criteria.
  • Highlighting student skills. Through integration with the Mozilla Open Badges framework, LaunchPath documents skills and competencies acquired by students--including results of an internship experience.
  • Increasing involvement of regional employers. Our back-office employer services simplify the process of hosting an internship, allowing more employers to participate.

LaunchPath can support your work-based learning efforts, develop a pricing structure that works for your school's individual needs, and assist you with including this information in your CCPT grant application. Contact Lynnette Falls, Workforce Development Specialist, to set up a phone or in-person meeting: 916.325.1855 or

For more information on LaunchPath's role in the CCPT grant application process, please visit the website.