Court Affirms Nonclassroom-Based Charter School's Right to Operate Resource Center

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December 8, 2014 This week the Shasta County Superior Court found in favor of the Shasta Secondary Home School, allowing it to continue to operate its resource center outside of its authorizing district's boundaries but within the county of that district.

The Superior Court reasoned that the California State Legislature intended to distinguish a resource center, meeting space, or other satellite facility from a schoolsite, and that the lack of a specific restriction on in-county resource centers indicates a Legislative intent not to restrict such locations. Further, the Superior Court found that it would be an absurd result to allow charter schools to locate resource centers in adjacent counties, but not within the authorizing district's county and outside that district's boundaries.

CCSA filed a declaration in the case, and our Legal Defense Fund has worked with the school since the case was filed. For more information on the case, please see the Case Overview page in CCSA's Legal Library, or contact Lisa Corr at Young Minney & Corr, who represented Shasta in the litigation at 916-646-1400.