Parent Involvement Policies in the News

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November 25, 2014 Parent Involvement Policies in the News
On Thursday, November 20, an organization from the Bay Area called Public Advocates released a report that highlighted and called into question charter schools across the state with parent involvement policies. This report garnered a significant amount of media coverage and many questions from member and stakeholders across the state about this issue.

Parent Involvement Policies Should Not Negatively Impact Children
CCSA does not believe that it is legal or appropriate for a student to be excluded from a school or a school activity based on the parent's failure to volunteer or make a financial contribution to their school. Considering our extensive contact with the majority of charter schools leaders, parents and other stakeholders, we are not familiar with any situation where a student has been excluded from a school or a school activity as the result of the parent's inability to meet their parental involvement commitment to the school.

CCSA Working with CDE, Members and Other Stakeholders on Additional Detailed Guidance
CCSA will work with CDE and other stakeholders to issue guidance to our members to ensure that foundational documents reflect the practices that are universal across the charter school sector in California. In the meantime, if you have any legal questions about your parent involvement policies and practices, we encourage you to consult with the charter school's attorney.