Share Your Charter School Story. Enter CCSA's OMMV Video Contest Today!

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October 20, 2014 We invite you to submit your original and inspirational two-minute videos for the One Movement. Many Voices. (#OMMV) Video Contest that opens today!

Our stories are powerful tools. When we tell our stories, we take people on a journey. And often stories stay with us long after they are first shared.
Each day we are focused on the day-to-day work at hand in creating, fostering and sustaining charter schools. It is important to also take time to celebrate the success of our schools. The OMMV Video Contest is an opportunity to highlight the passion and innovation that is our charter school movement. Together, we can build awareness of the impact charters are having in helping to ensure every student in the state receives a high quality public education.

Winning videos will be honored at the 22nd Annual California Charter Schools Association Conference in Sacramento, California.

Visit for more details.