Capitol Update 10/23/14

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October 23, 2014

With the General Election just two weeks away and vote by mail ballots in the hands of voters, campaigns are working overtime to persuade voters to support their candidates or measures. Your mailboxes have a deluge of slate mailers, your email is under siege with desperate fundraising requests, and television ads are pleading for your vote for a number of propositions and candidates. It’s all part of the bi-annual ritual we call democracy in California. Despite how annoying election season can be, please don’t let it turn you off to voting. There are some important decisions to be made in this election including: Who will be the next Superintendent of Public Instruction? Will California have a water bond? Should the state establish a stronger constitutional rainy day fund? Should we reduce penalties for non-violent crimes? All of these questions and much more will be decided at the ballot box on November 4.

2013-14 Legislative Wrap-up

A comprehensive wrap-up of the 2013-2014 California Legislative Session is now available. The 2013-14 Legislative Scorecard contains a broad overview of the legislative landscape for charter schools during the session, a list of priority legislation and our positions, the outcome of the legislation, and how legislators voted relative to CCSA’s positions.

The results from this session were strong. One hundred percent of anti-charter bills were stopped and our sponsored bill, AB 948 (Olsen) was approved by the Legislature and signed by Governor Brown. These results give us hope for continued support of charter schools in the Legislature as we continue to strengthen our advocacy presence in the Capitol and push for a policy environment that supports the growth of high quality charter schools in California.

You can view our scorecard from this session and from earlier sessions on our Website.

Sign up Today for CCSA's Governance Academy!

Back by popular demand is CCSA’s one-day Governance Academy, offered in partnership with Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch LLP, and Young, Minney and Corr, LLP.

The Governance Academy is a FREE, in-person only, four-hour intensive workshop designed to help school leaders and governing board members increase their knowledge of ethical and legal obligations as stewards of public institutions. The workshop will help schools develop legally compliant governing board policies and procedures, and establish clear roles and responsibilities, including financial oversight and student performance.

In addition, the workshop will help schools identify key areas of expertise for high functioning boards and provide training on the Brown Act. There will be a discussion of financial responsibilities and oversight as well as HR Issues, and Board Committees' limitations and duties.

Other topics to be covered include:
  • Political Reform Act
  • Conflict of Interest Code Basics
  • Statement of Economic Interest Basics (Form 700)
  • 501(c)(3) corporations
  • Brown Act/Open Meetings
  • Meetings
  • What is a meeting?
  • Requirements
  • Closed Sessions
  • Public's Rights
  • Minutes
  • Penalties
The Governance Academy will be held in person from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm on the following dates and at the following locations:
Register today! For questions or more information, please contact our help desk.

Registration Open for CCSA’s Annual Charter School Day at the Capitol

CCSA will celebrate National Charter Schools Week by hosting our Annual Advocacy Day in Sacramento on Tuesday May 5, 2015. Registration is open! CCSA will schedule a meeting with your legislators based on your school’s physical address. School leaders, board members, teachers and parents are encouraged to participate. The event includes onsite training, lunch and an exciting program. This event is a benefit of CCSA membership and is complimentary to individuals from member schools. Register HERE today and watch last year’s video to learn more about the event and why your participation is critical. Questions? Email