Reminder: Renew Your Charter School Petition!

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September 12, 2014 Renewing your charter petition this year?

  • Submit by November 15, 2014!


  • Denials happen, so submitting before November 15, 2014 allows time for appeal
  • The November 2014 elections may change who sits on your authorizing board
  • Give your school community the peace of mind that you'll be around for another 5 years

As a CCSA member, you have access to a range of supports. Take advantage of these free resources!

WEBINARS: View the powerpoints delivered in August here:

ONLINE RESOURCES: CCSA's Renewal Resources provide a good overview of state policies and regulations that guide the renewal process.

INDIVIDUALIZED RENEWAL STRATEGY:The renewal process varies greatly across the state, and sometimes within the same authorizer. Email your Regional Director for an individual meeting to help develop an advocacy plan, tailored to your school's specific needs, and grounded in the current political environment.

Los Angeles

Sarah Angel: LAUSD
866-411-2272, ext 247

Cassandra (Cassy) Horton: LA County
213-244-1446, ext 257

Southern California (Excluding LA County)

Miles Durfee: San Diego and Orange County

Fátima Cristerna Adame: Inland Empire
(909) 200-0533

San Francisco Bay Area

Hilary Harmssen: Oakland, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Watsonville and Eureka

Danyela Souza Egorov: Santa Clara County

Northeast and Central Valley

Laura Kerr: Sacramento and Northeast 916-230-7496

Jeff Sands: Central Valley
916-448-0995, ext 325