The Classical Academies Charter Schools Demonstrates Hybrid Models Can be Successful for Serving All Students Including Students with Special Needs

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September 25, 2014 Special Education is a field that is wide open to develop and create amazing programs and opportunities for students with special needs. As a hybrid model, Classical Academies offers its students the best of the experience of learning in a classroom and the personalization provided by independent study.

Classical Academies is its own LEA (Local Education Agency) for Special Education, and this autonomy and flexibility allows for specific programs to be designed for their students, as some students excel in a typical classroom with minor accommodations, and others may require a more specific and detailed schedule.

The Classical Academies believes in having an all-inclusion philosophy and this allows for general education students, students with special needs and staff to become involved and grow. They encourage individualized learning through smaller workshops, understanding of learning styles, teaching of specific study strategies, and most importantly, understanding of each student's uniqueness.

Training for special education staff, general education staff, as well as parents is key to a successful program as this provides opportunities for everyone to learn, grow, and develop relationships to propel students to levels never imagined possible. Last month, the Classical Academies hosted its 5th Annual JumpStart Parent Education Conference. This event offered parents valuable training through workshops and poster sessions to help them kick off the academic school year and learn how to best support their students academically, socially, and emotionally.


Recently, the El Dorado County of Education (EDCOE) Charter SELPA nominated Cori Coffey, Director of Special Education for Classical Academies as one of two people to represent the SELPA in the California Autism Professional Training and Information Network (CAPTAIN). As part of this network, Cori was trained on the importance of implementing Evidence Based Practices, and over the past year, Classical Academies has provided additional parent trainings and workshops on executive functioning.

Over the past three years, nearly 60% of students with disabilities at Classical Academy scored proficient or advanced in language arts, and around 50% were proficient or advanced in mathematics, which is a tremendous achievement as compared to the district average.

"Our passion for special education compels us to partner with students and their parents, teaching them to envision their impact on the world both now an in the future," said Coffey.

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