Capitol Update 9/18/14

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September 18, 2014

“Governor Brown issues Legislative Update” is a simple posting from the Governor’s newsroom that the entire capitol community watches for this time of year. These updates contain large batches of legislation that the Governor has either signed or vetoed, and while the update may be simple, the mounds of bills in them are anything but. The Governor has been hard at work signing important legislation such as mandating paid sick leave for all California workers, regulating groundwater in California, and expanding the film and television tax credit over the past week. However, the Governor has not yet taken action on our sponsored bill: AB 948 (Olsen).

AB 948 (Olsen) Still on Governor’s Desk

Governor Brown has the next 12 days, until September 30 to sign or veto bills. We need your help urging him to sign AB 948. Send Governor Brown a letter today!

The changes proposed in AB 948 will allow more charter schools that serve low income students to be eligible for the SB 740 program using existing funds. In effect, AB 948 will allow charter schools to spend more money IN the classroom and not ON the classroom. Learn more at our AB 948 Web page.

We need to demonstrate the importance AB 948 and the strength of our movement and strongly encourage you to write a support letter even if your school does not directly benefit from the legislation. Securing appropriate school facilities is a major challenge for charter schools and AB 948 is an important first step. It is imperative to support this grassroots campaign that is critical for the movement so that we can ensure that there is a strong grassroots effort for future legislation that may more directly benefit your school. 

Click here to fill out our Action Alert urging Governor Brown to sign AB 948.

Thank you for your support!

CDE Releases 20-Day Report Application for New and Growing Charter Schools

New and growing charter schools may be eligible for an additional special advance on their state principal apportionment funding by submitting a 20-Day attendance report to the California Department of Education (CDE) Fiscal Services Division. Charter schools that are new or adding one or more grade levels in FY 2014-15 may use the Charter 20 Day report to apply for a special advance on their state principal apportionment funding. The FY 2014-15 Charter 20-Day data and signed certification are due to the CDE by October 31, 2014. Payment of the Charter 20-Day advance usually occurs in late December. The report application is now available  as well as additional information and instructions about the Charter 20-Day report. Questions may be directed to the Office of Charter Apportionments and District Reorganization, either by telephone to 916-324-4541, or by e-mail to Susan Pierson at or Dee Salerno at

CCSA’s E-Rate Webinar: Register Today!

The recent FCC E-Rate Modernization Order made significant changes to the E-Rate Program, affecting both current and future E-Rate clients. The webinar will be held on September 25 from 10:00 am to 11:30 am and again from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm and will provide clarification on all of the Order changes. There will be discussion regarding the impact of these changes per applicant. There will also be strategic planning guidance to help schools understand how to optimize future technology improvements and leverage the E-Rate Program to the greatest advantage. 
Register today! Questions? Contact

State Board of Education is recruiting for the Student Member Position

The State Board of Education now is recruiting applicants for the 2015-2016 Student Board Member. Any student who is a California resident, enrolled in a California public high school, and who will be enrolled in good standing in the twelfth grade in the 2015-2016 school year may apply. The Governor appoints one high school senior to serve on the State Board of Education for a one-year term. CCSA encourages charter schools to engage their students in considering this opportunity. The student member functions as a regular voting member of the State Board of Education. Applications must be received by the SBE by 5:00 p.m., Monday, October 20, 2014.

Correction: New Charter School Facilities Open in San Diego!

Last week we ran a post about two new charter school facilities opening in San Diego. We accidentally linked to the wrong Albert Einstein Academies website, the correct website is located here.