National Alliance for Public Charter Schools Launches New Report That Debunks Charter Myths

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August 14, 2014 In an effort to dispel a number of myths about charter schools, the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools launched a new report this week, The Truth About Charters.

The public charter school movement serves more than 2.5 million students in more than 6,400 schools. Public support has risen over the years and there is now bipartisan support across the country advocating for high-quality charter schools. Yet despite these achievements, there is still criticism and misinformation about the charter school movement.

As part of the #TruthAboutCharters series, the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools will each week release talking points, infographics, social media content, email blasts, and narratives that debunk specific myths. The first week's content focuses on the myth that charter schools are not public schools.

Upcoming myths include:

  • Charter Schools Accept All Students
  • Charter Schools Serve English Learners & Students with Special Needs
  • Charter School Students Excel Academically

The materials can be accessed and downloaded on the Truth About Charters website.