CCSA Issues Report Showing Charters Making Significant Academic Gains

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August 28, 2014 On Tuesday, August 26, the California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) released its fourth annual Portrait of the Movement: Five Year Retrospective - A Charter Sector Growing in Numbers and Strength, a report that highlights trends indicating that tens of thousands of students are being educated in better performing charter schools than just five years ago.

The Portrait of the Movement report tells the story of the large and diverse California charter schools movement now serving a half million public school students and growing every year while making significant improvements in academic performance. That performance has been driven by quality growth, strengthening results across many segments of the movement and the closure of underperforming schools. If such pronounced academic strengthening can occur in a sector as big as California's, during a time of growth as explosive as California's, and during a period of funding crisis as severe as California's, then similar academic strengthening can happen just about anywhere.

View the 4th Annual Portrait of the Movement
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