CCSA Introduces New Toolkit for Charter School Replicators

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August 1, 2014 The California Charter Schools Association wants to ensure that strong charter schools are able to expand their impact by opening new schools throughout the state through the replication process. CCSA has developed a new Replication Toolkit that includes tools to evaluate readiness for growth and to help replicators develop a solid plan for replication.

Building on the experiences of organizations that have replicated successfully in California and across the nation, CCSA has developed a set of resources broken down by stage.

Before Beginning the Replication Process

These tools help schools assess whether or not they are prepared to replicate and provide guidance on some of the related and common technical questions.

Planning for Replication

In order to help teams understand how their organization may be structured as they grow, these tools will help schools identify potential assets and challenges they will face as they replicate and how to develop a solid plan for replication.

Visit the Replication Toolkit to learn more and access these valuable resources.