Capitol Update 8/28/14

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August 28, 2014

The 2013-14 legislative session ends this weekend as a mountain of bills pile up on Governor Brown’s desk for consideration. The Governor has until September 30 to sign or veto bills or they become law. We are closely following two anti-charter bills: AB 913 (Chau) related to conflict of interest and SB 1263 (Pavley) related to charter school locations.

These two anti-charter bills have been approved by the Legislature and are headed to the Governor’s desk for consideration. We need your help in urging Governor Brown to veto AB 913 and SB 1263. Click the links below to send your veto letters today!

AB 913 (Chau) Conflict of Interest - OPPOSE

Senate Amendments to AB 913 were concurred in on the Assembly Floor today. The bill is intended to establish “good government” conflict of interest requirements for charter schools, but instead creates new and unnecessary financial problems for charter schools.

SB 1263 (Pavley) Charter School Locations - OPPOSE

SB 1263 which seeks to close the allowance for charter schools to have one school site outside of its authorizing district is headed to the Governor. We have strongly opposed the bill throughout the legislative process because it takes away critical flexibility for charter schools that often have facilities challenges.

Please make your voice heard today and urge the Governor to veto AB 913 (Chau) and SB 1263 (Pavley)!