School Leaders Network & CCSA Announce Leadership Development Opportunity Aligned to Common Core

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June 27, 2014 How do you know that your current leadership efforts are aligned to ensure your school's successful transition to the Common Core assessments? How can you get access to other leaders as thought partners during this significant shift in education pedagogy, assessments and accountability? How are you prepared to off-set "the dip" in student performance scores with the implementation of new assessments as experienced in other states and predicted in California?

The School Leaders Network (SLN) will provide school leaders with an opportunity to experience how to create and facilitate the kind of rich authentic learning for adults that drives continuous school improvement and student success. SLN will also develop the leadership skills of participants so they can analyze the needs of their school to effectively transition to Common Core success, develop a research-based action plan to address these needs, and take effective action to improve student outcomes. And, the School Leaders Network will create a community of supportive colleagues who share the beliefs that all students can be successful, that systematic analysis and action planning leads to results, and that reflection on leadership improves leadership practice.

How is CCSA involved?

In order to support the launch of this project, CCSA has generously agreed to pay 50% of the tuition for up to 40 schools to participate in the School Leaders Network. SLN has additionally agreed to obtain grant funding for an additional scholarship per school. The remainder of the tuition cost will be $750 paid by each individual school directly to School Leaders Network for a year-long high quality professional learning opportunity. This is an amazing Common Core aligned leadership professional learning opportunity at a significantly reduced cost to CCSA member schools that are selected for participation.

How can I join?

  • Fill in your Intent to Commit form no later than July 9th.
  • SLN will choose up to 20 school leader applicants from San Diego County and Inland Empire schools combined, and 20 Los Angeles school leaders will also be selected to participate.
  • Networks will include elementary, middle and high school leaders.
  • Those not selected for this round will be on a waiting list with SLN and may choose to participate in future SLN networks.
  • If you'd like more information on School Leaders Network, please email Janette Tovar or visit the website.