Pivot Learning Partners Provides FREE Online Platform for Writing Charter LCAPs

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June 27, 2014 Pivot Learning Partners offer a user-friendly online platform to support charter schools in creating their Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAPs). The Planning, Budgeting and Accountability for Resources (PBAR™) Tool will help charter schools develop goals aligned to clear metrics, actions, and anticipated costs, including the creation of a 3-year LCAP.

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About PBAR™:

  • Easy-to-use and intuitive format supports thoughtful LCAP development that auto-fills into the state LCAP template.
  • Free cloud-based software, user guides, and embedded trainings.
  • By transitioning current LCAPs into PBAR, charter schools will be able to make updates and changes to existing LCAPs and to create new annual plans quickly and easily.

Additional PBAR Resources:

Pivot Learning Partners is a nonprofit organization of K-12 experts who work directly with schools, districts and charters to address some of the biggest challenges they face, including how to raise student achievement and close the large achievement gaps between groups of children. Visit their website for more information.