CCSA Answers: Recommended State of a Charter Petition for Signature Gathering

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June 20, 2014

Question: When obtaining petition signatures must the charter be complete? In other words, must it be the exact petition that will be submitted to the district, or can the petition be revised beyond that point?

Answer: The best practice would be to gather signatures once the charter document is complete. Section 47605 (a) 3 of the CA Education Code states: "A petition shall include a prominent statement that a signature on the petition means that the parent or legal guardian is meaningfully interested in having his or her child or ward attend the charter school, or in the case of a teacher's signature, means that the teacher is meaningfully interested in teaching at the charter school. The proposed charter shall be attached to the petition."

In some cases, petitioners will need to make changes or modifications to the charter. The petition signature template that CCSA recommends gives the lead petitioners flexibility to make changes necessary to secure approval.

The CCSA recommended petition signature template can be found here: /2010/06/parent-signature-template-bilingual.html

If gathering teacher signatures the CCSA recommended teacher petition template can be found here: /2010/06/teacher-petition-template-.html