Your Voice Needed on Critical Charter School Legislation

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April 24, 2014 capitol_sunset.jpg (Feature: Small Thumbnail)CCSA needs your voice heard and to take action today on two critical legislative bills that impact California charter schools: Assembly Bill 2178 (Levine) and Assembly Bill 1531 (Chau).

SUPPORT Assembly Bill 2178 (Levine) Blended Learning. AB 2178 will be heard in the Assembly Education Committee on April 30.

Blended learning is an instructional approach that combines benefits of direct, on-site instruction by a qualified teacher with self-paced, technology-assisted learning. AB 2178 will create a blended learning pilot program under the guidance of the State Board of Education to examine blended learning programmatic models and make recommendations to the Legislature on changes to state law. Ask Assembly Education Committee members to vote YES on AB 2178.

By giving increased flexibility to schools participating in the blended learning pilot program, AB 2178 will identify key areas of law that may need to be changed to support further innovation in California's traditional and charter public schools.

TAKE ACTION TODAY and Support AB 2178 (Levine)!

OPPOSE Assembly Bill 1531 (Chau) Charter School Boards. AB 1531 will be heard in the Assembly Appropriations Committee on April 30.

AB 1531 would thwart a core tenet of charter school independence by requiring charter school authorizers to select a majority of the nonprofit board members of a charter school. This bill would also impose significant new costs on charter schools and their authorizers by forcing material revisions and review of the over 1,100 existing charter school petitions in the state.

TAKE ACTION TODAY and urge the members of the Assembly Appropriations Committee to vote NO on AB 1531 (Chau)!

For more information please see the following CCSA resources: